Introducing ourselves

Founded in 1964 by Hanne Messemer and her son Roland, allstar rapidly became one of the leading producers of fencing equipment. By 1965, German and international fencers were equipped by us at the World Championships. In 1968 we were the official supplier of the German team for the Olympic Games, as well as for countless other teams, among them the leading fencers from the USSR, France and Italy. It was as early as 1978 when 23 out of 24 finalists at the World Championships in Hamburg placed their trust in our equipment, makingallstar the undisputed number one fencing equipment supplier worldwide. Since then, at least 80% of competitors at World Championships and Olympic Games have used fencing kit with the characteristic red allstar label. 


What were the reasons for this dynamic and successful development? Our company philosophy is based on 5 principles:


  • Innovation
  • Service
  • Quality
  • Range
  • Value for money


The history of has marched to an innovative drum-beat: we produced the world’s first fencing suits made from stretch material with a one-year guarantee. For the first time, fencers accustomed to heavy, uncomfortable canvas suits now had freedom of movement, which plays an important part in the dynamism of fencing today. Other milestones consisted of the first protective fencing suits as well as roll-bags, which have proved invaluable. allstar also led the way with scoring apparatus. The worldwide first microprocessor controlled (and therefore upgradeable) scoring box (1981) as well as the first universal scoring box for all three weapons (1987) were produced by allstar and secured leadership in this field too. Thereafter allstarbecame the leading supplier of fencing equipment for World Championships and more recently for the Olympic Games in Barcelona.


From the very beginning, service was of prime importance to allstar. Roland Messemer quickly realised mainstream sport shops could not afford to stock specialised fencing equipment. This led to a revolutionary change in that allstarintroduced direct sale. So by taking out the mainstream sport shops from the equation, fencing clubs could be supplied more competently and on better terms. At the same time, allstarpresented a revolutionary new marketing concept by creating a tournament service. Up to 10 tournaments each weekend were visited by allstarand by a number of German fencing outlets, which had been established in the meantime. In doing so, allstar ensured customers not only had the opportunity to purchase new fencing equipment, but could also find out about new products. Moreover, a wide range of equipment could be repaired to full working order then and there.

High demands for quality and functionality were the reasons why the name became a synonym for top quality fencing equipment. This is the reason why top fencers appreciate this and therefore place great trust in allstar. In this respect ‘quality made in Germany’ is not just a marketing slogan but our company ethos. 100% of allstar protective equipment is made at our factory in Reutlingen.


Even though not everyone is a top-athlete, offers the widest range of fencing equipment worldwide. A large number of fencing bags, suits, masks, blades, etc. ensure that everybody can be equipped at all levels. Despite our large catalogue, orders in Germany can normally be delivered within three days and in really urgent cases we can offer next-day delivery. Obviously foreign orders can take longer but we normally ensure that we deliver between 1-2 weeks.


In addition, allstar stands for fair and reasonable prices. A fencing jacket, made of high-tech-fibre with a high tensile strength is no more expensive than a branded cotton sweatshirt. Fencing breeches are no more expensive than branded jeans. We enjoy an unrivalled position even on the international market as the leading manufacturer of high quality fencing equipment, which is made by us without exception in Germany. Our aforementioned principles – innovation, service, quality, range and value for money – will determine the future of allstar, ensuring we remain the number one in fencing.


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